We have been rethinking mobile banking, mobile payments, e-banking and associated vending solutions and the entire financial service ecosystems and came with our own Soka, a secure and private cloud payment platform. What we aim to achieve is not just of use but to provide a platform that will enable emerging financial institutions and e-wallet providers a low cost platform that allows them to offer to end-users a wide range of online services to increase customer satisfaction, reduce costs and offer them more opportunities.

With the growth of technology penetration into the daily lives of people; it is important for organizations to continuously evaluate their usage of technology in reaching their customers, improving efficiencies in delivery of services. This process requires an honest assessment of internal user skills and availability.

Progressive bank regionally need to maintain high level of innovation and to do that the bank will either hire a dedicated team of developers or will rely on partner developers to drive its technology vision. This brings vulnerability, security and complexity challenges.

But the real threat/opportunity entrant into this matrix is the possibility to create an omni-channel experience through the devices that the bank sells to its customer. This can be done through an omni-channel which will offer security control and content control.

The state-of-the-art in securing mobile software systems are substantially intended to detect and mitigate vulnerabilities in a single app, but fail to identify vulnerabilities that arise due to the interaction of multiple apps, such as collusion attacks and privilege escalation chaining, shown to be quite common in the apps on the market. This can be mitigated through an omni-channel platform.