Kometsi Telecommunications and Hyperconverged Solutions is an ImartOffice Consultants company dedicated to all telecommunications solutions. Kometsi Telecoms is a leader in the machine-to-machine market-an integral part of the Internet of Things. It is difficult being an either or provider in this field so it is no wonder that we are both a technology provider and a virtual cellular network operator delivering comprehensive IoT / M2M services internationally.

Digital technology is generating new possibilities at the speed of customer needs; new ways to work and interact and to transact all on-demand.The amount of data and  digital identities to be exchanged and protected over networks with organizations, people and devices is mind blowing. And we need a properly constructed, deployed and supported platform to offer services to our people.


Business Intelligence

Business intelligence empowers organisations to make decisions based on facts and measurable indicators not assumptions.It is this measurability that assures trustworthiness to those who need such information.Our BI solution and tool is based on leveraging and Integrating best-in-breed solutions which are leaders in the magic quadrants including Sandvine,zoho,salesforce and sugar crm and seamlessly integrate with your existing applications and tools offering an almost complete anypoint platform.

Cyber Security

Building on the I-Claw Secure and Seaview Secure we provide a cross bred Managed cybersecurity solutions. Our approach to cyber security is holistic and we continue to be on the lookout for both commonly known and new malwares. Our Services include:

  1. Early Detection
  2. Platform, Control and Services Monitoring
  3. Intelligent Log Centralization and Analysis
  4. Vulnerability Detection and Management
  5. Continuous System Patching/Upgrade and Fortification
  6. Fast Intervention
  7. Forensic Analysis
  8. Help Desk

Subscriber Engagement and Subscriber Services

As ARPUS fall there are opportunities for telecom companies to seek to increase ARPU. And one tried method is to provide more services to each subscriber or expanding existing services based on custmercentric preferences. To avoid churn telecom providers must make their customers feel understood, engaged and cared for. We help reduce steep cost of recapturing lapsed subscribers by analysing user profiles across digital channels.Kometsi Telecoms is a leading solution provider for the Telecommunications sector offering complex virtual solutions, BI, BSS/OSS and cloud migration policies

Business Services and Traffic Optimization

Kometsi Telecoms Cloud Services Policy Controller built on the ImartOffices platforms provides cost-effective and highly scalable and multi-tenancy to efficiently address many business verticals with a single approach to service differentiation. We provide IT administrators traffic and usage insight, diagnostics, and QoE and application latency reporting,network resource management and dynamic, application-based performance, and productivity controls.

Kometsi Telecommunications and Hyperconverged Solutions

We develop applications at the speed of your business.This needs taking a very difficult route: A combination of a novel and pragmatic way where we use your exisiting infrastructure, refarming legacy infrastructure to meet modern needs and demands.